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Important Safety Information


Since 1990, Paco Winders Mfg. Inc. has had an ongoing program to update Operating Manuals and Safety Labels for your existing Paco equipment. Safety labels and manuals for Spiral Winders, Convolute Winders, Cut-Off Saws, Recutters and Labeling Recutters are included in this revision. Any Paco equipment, manufactured prior to 1990 and not yet updated, whether obtained directly from Paco, through corporate acquisition, purchased from a machinery dealer or at an auction will be provided with this information on a no-cost basis to all users.


In order to systematically provide this important information to all of our customers, Paco Winders is conducting a survey of Paco equipment. If the machine has safety labels similar to the one showed to the right, then your machine has been updated and no further action is necessary.


If you have our equipment in your company, and it fulfills the above criteria, please do the following:


a.                  Please verify EACH serial number and Model Number on the nameplate of each piece of Paco equipment in your company¡¯s possession.

b.                  Fill in the form below, making sure that the name of the company representative to whom the warning labels and manuals should be sent is shown.


If you have any questions regarding this program please contact us at or call 215-673-6265.


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